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Aqua Vie Water Distiller

The new world power to always have the cleanest and healthiest water guaranteed from wherever you get it either from the tap, from a well, lake or even from the sea.

The most guaranteed international water purification system available to date was Camelot’s Imperial Maximum Club Water System and now Aqua Vie has been added and which is also manufactured in America.

After many years of painstaking research by many eminent scientists and after spending billions of dollars studying the problem in depth, they built the PERFECT for unsuitable water containing arsenic or nitrates.



Camelot Aqua Vie Water System has been tested by dozens of chemical medical laboratories around the world and has been certified with the Gold Seal of the Water Quality Association.

The Aqua Vie system removes 100% all dangerous chemical pollutants and all dangerous pathogenic microorganisms such as e.g. gasoline, chloroform, pesticides, asbestos fibers, lead, hexavalent chromium, residual chlorine, bad taste, odor, turbidity, bacteria, as well as any male nitrate, etc.

What is Aqua Vie made of?

Internally and externally the Aqua Vie system is made with reliability and quality from materials approved by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA

At every step of the construction of the Aqua Vie system, quality controls are performed to confirm that each Aqua Vie system is in full compliance with the construction standards that have been set.

How to clean the water

Aqua Vie replicates the natural purification of water as it did millions of years ago and together with the activated carbon and minerals it has, it gives us the cleanest and healthiest water with the percentage of minerals that we and our family really need for our good health.

AQUA VIE removes 100% arsenic, hexavalent chromium, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, chemical insecticides, chlorine and generally all poisons, pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and their dangerous by-products.

Then it replenishes the useful minerals that we need so much for our good health.

No matter where we got the dirty water from whether it is from a lake, well, sea or other place, the result after cleaning will be the same. That is, we will have guaranteed pure, clean and healthy water.

By giving Clean – Healthy Water to our children and teaching them to drink the right amount, we ensure them the best gift that is nothing but their Health, that’s why Aqua Vie!

Life and health are gifts of God to us, which we have a duty to protect and preserve. But there is another gift that is more valuable than anything else and that is our children.

It is the most valuable acquisition we have. Seeing our children grow and develop into healthy and happy beings is the greatest joy and is something invaluable that knows no bounds.

So, in order to preserve and maintain the health and happiness of our children, we must first of all provide them with proper and proven clean water, such as IMPERIAL and AQUA VIE water without asbestos fibers, pesticides, fertilizers, factory waste, poisons from landfills, chlorine and other hazardous pollutants.

All these harmful substances are responsible for many and very serious diseases such as (arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, heart disease, epilepsy, etc.).

Unfortunately, we find these dangerous pollutants as a cocktail of poisons in the tap water, but the bottled one, as all the experts ruled, does not differ from the tap water in its danger.

AQUA VIE is the right final choice with which we will ensure and maintain our health.

If higher quality water is found than Imperial, Camelot International Health Organization offers 300,000 euros.

Before choosing a filter from us or elsewhere, read what are the points to pay attention to when choosing a water purification system, as well as read the frequently asked questions.

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