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The Camelot odor remover is specially designed to fight and kill viruses and bacteria and to remove odors from the house including bathrooms, basements, the strong smell of the new carpet, odors from cooking, odor from animals, odors from chemicals such as household cleaners, pesticides, paints we use for painting.

All this is achieved by the supply of ozone from the Camelot device.

This technology is used in America and has been proven to be useful for decades.

Deodorizers have been used in hotels for many years to provide clean air in rooms and to combat odors from fire or smoke which create such a big problem that at some point the rooms are temporarily uninhabitable.

This smart, portable with 24-hour timer device lets you adjust your ozone supply to suit your needs and maintain safety levels.

The Camelot device produces ozone molecules, which act as a powerful oxidant that kills bacteria and viruses. In the end the unused O3 is reversed and becomes the ‘life-giving’ oxygen.

By providing ozone any odor in the room will be neutralized.
O3 also kills bacteria, moisture, neutralizes pollen, mold, viruses and cysts as well as oxidizes and destroys contaminants.

Fighting home air pollution means that you have evaluated and understood that some money is worth giving now for your health and that of your family so that you do not have to spend more in the future for the treatment of major health problems.

We at Camelot take care of the quality of the air you breathe.

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