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Imperial Tech Executive Air cleaning system

Humans can live without food for about one month.
Without water they can live for about one week.
But without air, they will die in less than 6 minutes.

The problem

The air we breathe is necessary for our life and health.

Breathing fresh, clean air not only keeps us alive, but it also helps us think better, sleep more calmly and remain healthy.

Whether we live in the city or in the country, we may have problems from an unclean and unhealthy environment.

Air pollution in external spaces can be more apparent because of car exhausts and factory pollution, however, according to the data below, the air in internal areas causes much higher consequences to human health, because it is much more polluted.

Scientific conclusions regarding air quality in internal areas:

  • According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside a house may be up to 50 to 100 times more polluted than air in external spaces.
  • EPA warns that the quality of the air in internal spaces is today the number one health problem.
  • Today, homes and buildings in general are built in such a way, that problems are created with ventilation which result in keeping out natural air cleaning factors like ozone and negative ions, while pollutants remain inside.
  • According to the “American College of Allergies”, 50% of all diseases worsen or are caused by polluted internal spaces air.
  • Most people spend 65% of their time at home and more than 90% in various other internal spaces. The result of this is that the air of the internal spaces will affect our health much more than the air of the external spaces.
  • According to “Scientific America” a baby crawling on the floor inhales additional pollutants equal to 4 cigarettes daily as a result of chemical gases in carpets, mold, fungi, mites etc.
  • EPA warns that 6 out of 10 houses and buildings are “sick” which means that they are dangerous for our health and for living in because of the airborne pollutants.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General points out that passive smoking causes millions of deaths in adult non-smokers and damages the health of hundreds of thousands of little children.

Other interesting scientific findings:

  • Asthma cases have increased by more than 100% since 1976.
  • Approximately 1 in 9 children has asthma.
  • Death rates due to asthma have tripled and quadrupled in children aged 5 to 9 since 1976.
  • The rates of hospital admissions and doctors’ visits continuously increase dramatically.

Mold, bacteria, viruses, cigarette smoke, kitchen smells, the various chemical gases, formaldehyde, animal hairs, dust, mites and many more are in the air of the houses.

All the above airborne pollutants can cause health problems. Below is a list of some common problems from airborne pollutants.

  • Allergies
  • Asthma or breathing difficulties
  • Rheum symptoms
  • Chronic colds and headaches
  • Weaknesses and chronic fatigue
  • Lack of clarity in speech
  • Cough
  • Sneezing
  • Weakened immune system
  • Poisoning symptoms (in the case of chemicals)
  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Sleep difficulties (insomnia)
The solution: Imperial Tech Executive Air Cleaning System

The latest word in American Technology which CAMELOT INTERNATIONAL HEALTH ORGANIZATION offers you. An actual lung in your premises, securing for you an environment free from dangerous chemicals, pollen, volatile gases, formaldehyde, bisphenol A, phthalates, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, small diameter particles, chlorine by-products like chloroform and anything else which is dangerous to your health.

The air cleaning appliance Ιmperial Tech cleans and refreshes the air and removes viruses, but also the most difficult odors. This advanced technology attacks and destroys all undesired air odors, but also the odors from surfaces in the home, thus disinfecting from microorganisms even the smallest corner in the house, where we cannot see, renewing the air everywhere in the house.

8 stages for 100% clean fresh ionized air:

1st stage: special filters.
2nd stage: the air is filtered by water.
3rd stage: special filters.
4th stage: ozone disinfectant.
5th stage: antibacterial filter.
6th stage: the air passes through a HEPA filter.
7th stage: the air passes through cutting-edge activated carbon filter.
8th stage: enrichment of negative ions by the most advanced automatic air ionizer.

The appliance is light-weight and easy to use.

Suitable for:
Hospitals, Surgeries – Dental surgeries, houses, offices, baths, restaurants, reception areas, hair salons, places of entertainment (bars), shops, transport means (boats), gyms, hotels, pet shops.

If a more perfect air purification system is found, CAMELOT INTERNATIONAL offers 100.000,00 €

At Camelot we take care of the quality of the air you breathe.

Dear friends,
As an International Health Organization, our mission is to share with you all the hazardous you and your family face, maintain and improve your health. In order to prove to you what we say on TV and also what we have written here, contact with us at once and we will visit you with no further obligation. You will be able to admire the IMPERIAL-TECH of CAMELOT in your own home. We will be able to give you more information about this great American discovery and we will let you know how you can take preventative action.

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