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The PLASMA IONULTRA CLEAN® AIR PURIFIER ioniser gives you clean and healthy air quietly and efficiently!

PLASMA is often called the “Fourth part of matter”, the other three are solids, liquids and gases.

When enough atoms are ionized enough to affect the electrical properties of the gases then this is plasma.

IONULTRA CLEAN ® provides the PLASMA technique to remove odors, dust, microorganisms, dust mites as well as bacteria and chemical contaminants in the air.

PLASMA IONULTRA CLEAN® is a product of new technology that ionizes and purifies the air in a way different from conventional models.

It does not have a fan, but a fresh gust of air, an aura, comes out of the unit. This is the PLASMA effect that creates the ionic aura.

According to the way the inner frames are made, the dust is captured there. Airborne contaminant particles are attracted and trapped in these internal frames.

There is a moderate supply of ozone which eliminates the various odors that exist in the home or office as well as cigarette smoke.

The abundant negative ions given by the device will freshen the air inside usand will attract the particles that float like a magnet, making them so heavy that they can no longer float in the air.

IONULTRA CLEAN® is especially recommended for use in rooms or offices where there are computers because the heat and magnetic field created by computers creates dust and contaminants that diffuse into the air.

In addition, cigarette smoke and the positive electrical charges generated by computer monitors are a health hazard and can cause lung damage and fatigue.

IONULTRA CLEAN® will quietly improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors which is between 500-1000 square feet.

When the IONULTRA CLEAN® is on you will feel and smell the fresh aura of air coming from the front of the device. This is clean air which contains negative ions.

When using the device indoors where there is good air circulation will enhance the action of IONULTRA CLEAN® even more.


It is used in living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, offices, study rooms, computer rooms and other indoor areas in order to remove and kill bacteria that are in the air as well as pollen, cigarette smoke, odors, etc.

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