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Replacement filter life:
– Year
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A magician in your kitchen!

A mixer that will help you serve cheap but first class meals very easily and very quickly. A “robot” multi-kitchen machine designed for “a lot of work”.

Having only 2 components you can do all your work and it will be your great tireless assistant every day. Prepare the healthiest and most delicious meals, salads, etc. without colorants, preservatives, that can be the cause of major health problems.

If you want to know what you are eating, make everything with your own pure ingredients.



Using the double-edged knife or the double-sided round-disc depending on the use, the Imperial-Tech mixer:
  • Can be used for making mashed potatoes, liquidised food, fruit cocktails, mayonnaise taramosalata, etc.
  • for chopping vegetables, onions, parsley, meat (for minced meat), fish, fruit, cheese, etc.
  • for grinding nuts, coffee, spices, cereals, rusks, etc.
  • for cutting vegetables, fruits, potatoes for chips, salads and lettuce, zucchini, aubergines for moussaka, carrots, cucumber, cheese for toast, etc.
  • Used for grating(nuts, bread, vegetables, pizza cheese, etc.)
  • Used to whip cream (for butter or whipped cream). Also for beating egg whites for meringue.

Without any obligation, expert advisors of the Camelot International Health Organisation will visit you to present you the amazing, fast, powerful Imperial Tech Multi-Kitchen Machine that you will surely be thrilled with. The choice is yours.

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