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Ozone device with multiple other uses

A. Water disinfection.

O3 (ozone) is stronger and has a faster disinfecting effect than chlorine by 3,125 times while accelerating the effective destruction of viruses but without harmful side effects to human health. O3 acts directly and destroys the cell membrane itself, while it does not affect components of the pH of water in contrast to chlorine (Disinfects water does not clean it).



B. Foodstuffs

With the Columbia OZONIZER O3, O3 coming into contact with the food’s surface dissolves the insecticides that leak in the water.

It is known that meat, poultry, fish and other animals we eat many times contain antibiotics, insecticides, hormones, toxins, pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, etc. that not only cannot be removed through washing, but are not removed during normal cooking either.

The result is that by eating them over time they accumulate and seriously affect our health. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate and remove these pollutants from food before eating it, so that we have really clean, healthy food and the Columbia OZONIZER O3 can effectively help in this.

CAMELOT INTERNATIONAL HEALTH ORGANISATION’s Columbia OZONIZER O3 has in addition to those mentioned hundreds of useful and beneficial applications such as:
• Improving water quality in aquariums
• Breaking down toxins in meat and pesticides in fruit and vegetables
• Sterilisation and protecting human health,
• Prevention of infection and skin allergies
• Odour removal
• Smoke dissipation
• Unpleasant smell removal
• Prevention of mould formation etc.

C. Air.

The Columbia OZONIZER O3 can also be used daily to clean the air and sterilise the areas of our home such as the various parts of the bathroom kitchen and the rest of the house, instead of using chlorine, we use water enriched with O3.

With O3 in the air conditioning filters, we kill the viruses that exist in the atmosphere, such as flu and the virus causing legionnaire’s disease, etc. We also remove odours wherever they come from and dissolve chemicals, pesticides, etc.

The Columbia OZONIZER O3 should not be missing from any home because its usefulness is essential and really saves lives.

We at Camelot take care of the quality of your food.
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